The Most Unique Christmas Gifts


Although nice in theory, shopping for Christmas can quickly turn into a scramble when trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Maybe you have a large family or maybe you just don’t feel particularly skilled at figuring out what to get. And then, on top of that, there’s always that one friend or relative that’s especially challenging to shop for. Whether they have hobbies that just seem abstract to you or already have everything you could think of, this is when having a few unique gift ideas up your sleeve is useful.

ClassPass Fitness Membership

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Working out is more than just something we do for a stronger body, it’s one of the most effective ways to relieve stress, boost endorphins and impact overall health. The key is finding a workout you connect with and that’s something ClassPass can help anyone with. They offer a few pricing options allowing users to try classes at studios literally across the country until they find the ones they like the best — saving money along the way.

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Virgin Wines

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Whether they’re a real wine connoisseur or just like to have a good glass of malbec with their steak tartar, offering them access to new, quality wines is a gift anyone would be happy to receive. Sendagift by Virgin Wines gift set includes a trio of great wines in a wooden gift box. This box includes Domaine Andre Brunel Vin de Pays de Vaucluse 2016, Cirque de Navacelles Reserve d’Heric 2016, and Les Trois Cles Reserve 2017, making it the perfect gift for any red wine lover. This also makes a great last minute gift as well!

Amazon Echo

transparent gifAmazon Echo (2nd Gen) is one heck of a sidekick. Not only does its wireless speaker function navigate all your music from Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music with voice control, but it can also answer questions, read an audiobook, give you weather and sports reports (and more) using the Alexa Voice Service. Plus, it’s compatible with WeMo, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Nest, and other smart home devices to help manage lights, alarms and thermostats. Not too shabby.

Animal Kingdom Book

transparent gifFor anyone on your list that’s Planet Earth obsessed – which should be everyone! – check out this book which features 150 stunning animal portraits. It’s also great for anyone who (the Instagram obsessed crowd) appreciates a pretty picture.

Letter Box Buster – Retro Sweets from your Childhood Sweet Shop

transparent gifSweets are ageless and a nostalgia gift is priceless making this pick a delicious winner. The ready-to-gift item includes some of favourite classics like parma violets, love hearts, drumsticks, fizz wiz and double dips. Plus, going the nostalgia route is one of the best ways to give an evocative gift on a budget.

Ember Mug

transparent gifAnyone who loves a warm beverage knows that the sweet spot temperature is short-lived. When you’re in a rush or super-stressed it’s very easy to either burn your mouth on whatever’s in your mug or not get to your beverage till it’s that gross room temperature. With this ceramic mug, that’s a problem of the past. Designed to keep your coffee, tea, or whatever else they enjoy sipping optimally heated, this Ember mug will make getting a caffeine fix more enjoyable than ever.

£149.95 at Amazon

PhoneSoap – UV Sanitiser and Charger

transparent gifNot your average external charger, the PhoneSoap’s M.O. is to ensure your phone gets fully charged and fully sanitised at the same time. This clever charging device will actually sanitise your phone while it’s refuelling. How? Once you place your phone in the device, two powerful UV-C lights will surround your phone, creating a very specific wavelength of light that will kill 99.9% of the germs that have accumulated on your phone throughout the day.

VANKYO Projector

transparent gifIf they love to watch movies or home video footage, getting them a device that lets them set up a screening wherever they want is certainly a unique gift. Compact enough to be stored in any cupboard or drawer, this mini projector’s size also makes it portable for outdoor viewings. Easily connect to your smartphone, PS3, PS4, X-Box ONE or Wii and watch everything from videos and TV series, to photos and sports games.

YnM Weighted Blanket

transparent gifThe gift of a good night’s sleep can’t be beat. Especially if you’ve got new parents or sleep deprived students on your gift list. If you haven’t heard about the wonderous weighted blanket, you soon will. These blankets have grown in popularity as of late, thanks to their ability to reduce stress, improve sleep, and provide comfort and a sense of security. Composed of 100% cotton material to allow for breathability and with weight evenly distributed, the blanket is designed to relax the body by stimulating the feeling of being held.

Home Brewing Kit

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Help a craft beer lover take their beer passion to the next level by learning to brew at home with this no-nonsense kit. It allows you to brew 19.9 litres of beer at a time – anything from IPAs, session ales, and stouts, to porters – that have been fine-tuned to your liking when it comes to alcohol content and bitterness level. The whole process is speedy and you can create a perfect recipe of grains, hops, and yeast just for you.

Holy Stone WiFi drone

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If they’ve got an inner kid that’s easily tickled by robotics and making things fly, then a drone might be a cool option. Not to mention, it makes for worthy Instagram bait. This number comes equipped with an HD camera and a modular and bonus battery so that they can double their flight time.

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