1. JUDGING CRITERIA:How Points will be apportioned

  1. MISS GREEN PLANET 2016 ENVIRONMENTAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ (5 points)–to assess basic environmental knowledge .

  2. MISS GREEN PLANET PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT – (5 points)to assess personality and temperament

  3. COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND PERSUASION REALITY COMPETITION (30 points)Each contestant is required to demonstrate potential ability to help in implementing Miss Green Planet projects during her reign. Many of the projects will be event based as well as networking and building relations with stakeholders in your city.

  4. SOCIAL MEDIA POPULARITY COMPETITION-ONLINE VOTING (5 points)-Members of the public will get a chance to judge your submission package and choose to vote for you. The voting runs online Up to the competition day, 7:59pm. You can utilize email, Facebook, twitter, instagram, and other social media sharing tools to increase you number of votes by sharing your contest with your friends so that they vote for you. People can only vote once. How Online Voting Points Are Assigned :Top 25%–9-10 points each. Second 25%–6-8 points each 3rd 25%—3-5 points each Last 25%–0-2 points each

  5. PERSONAL INTERVIEW (10 points)-This will involve a short online interview with judges on a one on one basis to discover your core environmental belief systems well as commitment to the cause.

  6. EVENING GOWN (10 points)- Contestant will select the evening gown of her choice. Evening gown will be scored on the self confidence, poise, and grace the contestant shows in this phase of competition. Fit and appropriateness for age will also be taken into consideration. Gowns must be floor length.

  7. ECO-FASHION SHOW (10 points)- Contestants will select the Eco-fashion of their choice. Fashion will be scored on the self-confidence, poise, and grace the contestant shows in this phase of competition. This portion will be conducted very much like a runway fashion s. The attire is dressy casual and color green is emphasized. Accessories are encouraged. Judging will be based on energy level/spirit, fashion sense, green-ness, fit and presentation. Voting will be done same way as # Stage Interview.

  8. STAGE INTERVIEW (10 points) – Each contestant will have 5 minutes to answer questions in front of the pageant audience from each judge. . Judges will keep in mind, accomplishments, family commitment, communication skills, community involvement and overall appearance. There is no comparative judging in this system. Dress for interview segment is business suit. Judging will be based on conversational skill, personality, demeanor, and appropriate grooming for event t will not be based on the prior amount or type of community service, rather the real passion and intent to do well. The audience members will vote on a scale of 0 to 10 for each participant. Audience members will get one special card and envelope during entrance. After voting envelopes with votes will be collected counted in the presence of each contestant’s rep

  9. TALENT COMPETITION (10 points) -A chance to showcase a God given talent you are good at.

  10. POISE/CONFIDENCE/ PERSONALITY/GRACE /PHOTOGENIC(5 points) -Please submit photo for this section as follows: Photo must be color, at least a 5×7, body shot must be standing, they must be good quality and clarity, a copyright release must be included and airbrushing should be kept to a minimum. (Click here to see how to create a photo copyright release). “Glitz” type photos are not allowed. We prefer a gown shot or dressy attire for the body shot. Please do not wear make-up, as we must see your true skin complexion. Hair must be naturally styled, with no visible hair products and it must not obstruct your face and bone structure in the head-shot. The head-shot MUST be taken front-on and should fully show your face. Stand up straight in the shots and try to look as natural as possible. This photo is different from your entrance/Facebook photo.



Contestant must be 17 years and half through 29 years of age through 29 years of age. She may never have been married, never been a parent or never adopted a child. Must not be in the process of becoming married for a year prior to and during her reign.
Contestant for Miss Green Planet must be born a genetic female.
Contestant may not hold a title with any other pageant system by the date of the competition or accept another title during her reign. 
Contestant must not have been convicted of a felony crime.
Contestant, if selected, must agree to attend the Next-level Competition (state/provincial or national levels as may apply) as the city representative, and abide by all rules and regulations required by same.
Title commences upon winning announcement by Miss Green Planet Pageant, and/or acceptance of title by contestant and ends immediately after crowning her successor.

The age division for any level of competition is based upon a contestant’s age at the initial entry level. • These rules and regulations are subject to modification, as needed, without prior notice. Pageant reserves the right to make said modifications at its sole discretion.

English is the official languages of the pageant. However, it is not a requirement for the contestant to speak English to compete. Delegates who do not speak English must provide their own interpreter during ALL pageant events. Miss Green Planet Pageants will not accept the responsibility for providing this service for those who do not understand English under any circumstances.

2.3. ENTRY FEES There is no registration fee for participating in Miss Green Planet contest at any level in any region unless there is express permission by Miss Green Planet International.

2.4. REQUIRED PARTICIPANT PHOTOEntrant must submit and indicate a headshot for the program book and separate photogenic submissions, as indicated in competition #10. Participant must sight photo copyright release to accompany the photo, which will be sent as an attachment to 2016@missgreenplanet.com at least five days before the pageant. Failure to send/release photo may lead to disqualification.

2.5. ATTIRE – Contestants will provide their own competition attire. All attire must be age appropriate and in good taste.

Delegates will make their own travel arrangements.


Contestant affirms that she is a good person, and will continue to hold herself to high standards. That she will not do anything that will reflect negatively on the pageant, its representatives, sponsors, and/or its licensees. Contestant will conduct herself in a courteous, professional manner at all times during the pageant, and while representing Miss Green Planet. Contestant will not slander or libel other contestants, judges, Miss Green Planet Pageant staff or anyone else involved with or connected to the pageant. Defamatory verbal and/or written remarks against Miss Green Planet Pageants will result in immediate disqualification, forfeiture of any and all prizes and wards won and will result in legal charges. Any complaints will be handled in a professional and cordial manner.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and like internet sites

Miss Green Planet representatives will not post pictures that contain content that could be deemed inappropriate. They may not drink or smoke in public or private while wearing Miss Green Planet sash or tiara. Contestant may not post information or pictures to said sites that could pose a conflict of interest to Miss Green Planet Pageants. 


Good sportsmanship/sportswomanship is expected at all times. Disruptive behavior before, during or after the pageant may result in disqualification, stripping of title, removal from the premises and legal charges. Contestants, by signing this form, are agreeing to abide by the terms specified here.

Failure to sign the form does not in any way, release the Contestant from the responsibility to abide by the terms outlined in these pages. If Contestants wishes to compete or keep all won titles, these terms are required! All issues related to these terms and consequences for violation thereof shall be determined solely and exclusively by Miss Green Planet Pageant. Contestant agrees to accept such determinations made by Miss Green Planet Pageant, both as to herself and others.

No jeans may be worn to an appearance unless it is important to the appearance to do so. (such as on a farm, river-bank, wetland, swamp, tree planting, work in the dirt, or a very casual type of appearance. Etc) . Jeans worn must be free of rips, tears and stains. They should not appear worn out due to style or age. No acid wash, wrinkles or frayed hems and pockets. No short shorts, extremely short minis or belly tops are allowed for appearances.

Titleholders agree to make appearances during their reign. They may be done at will and there is no set number. However, this is a job, and should be treated as such; important. If you cannot agree to do appearances, do not accept the title. Appearances may include, but are not limited to meetings, evening social events, fundraisers, parades, radio, television, photo shoots, video shoots,modeling, breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, school appearances, conferences, daytime social events, curtain raisers, advertisements, newspaper interviews; and public appearances at events.

Promotion of yourself while doing good will be encouraged. No crown should be worn to do charity work, but sash may be worn.

Charity events are different from charity work. Use your discretion. In most cases, a banner is enough. Remember, the girl makes the crown, not the other way around. Titleholders agree to answer all inquiries from the pageant and its staff within a timely manner

Titleholders agree to provide Green Planet News and Green Planet TV with copies of and online links to articles, news coverage and multimedia pertaining to her reign and pictures/videos of appearances for the Miss Green Planet website development and promotional material.


Miss Green Planet winners agree that they will not compete for, or accept, any other titles during their years reign without prior written permission from Miss Green Planet Pageant. The Miss Green Planet title is to be considered the winner’s main pageant-related priority. Permission to compete in other systems given to other titleholders does not give others permission to do so. Each determination will be on a case-by-case basis. Decisions are FINAL. Winners may have a commercial tie-up, modeling, personal management and/or agency contract, which contract however, does not include, authorize or permit the use of the name of the Miss Green Planet Pageant, Miss Green Planet (TM) or reference to the pageant in any way, or any title designation. City/county/district and state/national winners agree to attend the next year’s pageant to crown their successors.
Travel of chaperon, family and/of friends is in not the responsibility of Miss Green Planet Pageant.

By the virtue of participation in the Miss Green Planet Pageants, delegates agree to allow Miss Green Planet Pageants the right to use her likeness, voice, and/or biographical information for the purposes of publicity and promotion now and in the future. The below may be used on the internet, in print advertising, press releases and merchandise related to the Miss Green Planet Pageant.(such as t-shirts, tote bags, hats other apparel, mouse pads and other promotional material)

Contestant agrees to release Miss Green Planet Pageants from any liability for any injury resulting from publicity and promotion. Contestant agree to waive any and all compensation for use of her name, likeness, voice, and/or biographical information for purposes of publicity and promotion.


Contestants and their families may take pictures or videos leading up to the main pageant event. However, NO photography and/or videography will be allowed during any on-stage competition events. Individuals who violate this policy will be asked to leave the venue or escorted off the premises without the benefit of a refund! Professional photography and/or videography will be made available by the official Miss Green Planet Pageant photographer and videographer.


a) Miss Green Planet Pageants and its officers, directors, agents and/ or employees are not liable to Contestants for anything whatsoever in connection with any preliminary/ pageant or process leading to the Miss Green Planet Pageant. Titleholders/delegates who have been assigned a title or who enter the pageant will handle all matters relating to her application, understanding the rules, regulations, policies, preparation and performance.

b) Miss Green Planet Pageants and its officers, employees and personnel are not responsible for injury, accidents, loss, or theft incurred at the time, or during the pageant event or travel to and from.
c) Miss Green Planet Pageants is not responsible for negligence or fraud on the part of pageant sponsors, judges, or contract vendors (photographer, videographer, etc.) that may be providing products or services to delegates or titleholders at the event.

d) Miss Green Planet Pageants is not responsible for negligence or fraud on the part of the host venue.

e) Miss Green Planet Pageants is not responsible for arranging International or domestic travel or resolving disputes surrounding such travel to attend the pageant.

f) Miss Green Planet Pageants is not responsible for providing an interpreter for delegates who do not speak or understand English.

g) Miss Green Planet Pageants is not responsible for air fare or land travel expenses and/or hotel expenses and meals for delegates/titleholders, unless it is in writing no less than 2 months before the event that the expense will be covered. This can be approved by the international director, ONLY!

h) Miss Green Planet Pageants is not responsible for theft, loss or damage caused to any and all prizes, gifts, and awards bestowed upon delegate after these items become property of the delegate. Contestant agrees to incur replacement and/or repair costs to lost, stolen or damaged items including but not limited to, crown/tiara, sash, plaques, trophies, etc. Crowns and banners are REQUIRED to be replaced at the titleholder’s expense, if lost, damaged or stolen. They MUST be replaced by the official crown and banner makers of the pageant! All other prizes can be decided on by the titleholder.
2.14. AGREEMENT – 
By submitting the entry form Miss Green Planet Pageants or related pageants leading to the city/county/district/National event,Contestants agrees to abide by all policies, rules and regulations set forth by Miss Green Planet Pageants. Participation in the Miss Green Planet Pageant or acceptance of an official title also indicates acceptance and agreement to abide by all policies, rules and regulations set forth in these documents/pages. Contestant attests that all information submitted to Miss Green Planet Pageants and related director is true and accurate. Falsification of information or failure to comply with ALL the policies of Miss Green Planet Pageants may result in immediate disqualification and/or forfeiture of any titles won/accepted and all prizes won, at the sole discretion of Miss Green Planet Pageants.


*Official Miss Green Planet title and all related promotion by Green Planet publicity outlets and international press release detailing win.
*Custom Crown-Original, Custom, high quality, embroidered sash

*Custom rhinestone year banner pin

*Beautiful crowning floral bouquet

*City Winner will be awarded $5,000 upon successful completion of her reign on the day of the next contest next year.

*Appearances, corporate brand modeling, video promos, Green Planet educational events (monetary compensation will be determined on case by case basis) as well as negotiated agreement between the titleholder and the Miss Green Planet Organization).

All contestants will get Certificates of Participation for future employment needs. All contestants are encouraged to benefit from the expansive worldwide Green Planet networks of green modeling opportunities and networking irrespective of placement at the pageant.

Runners up will receive consolation prizes to be determined.

Forms you should sign before pageant day

Photography release form

Model release form

Videography release form

Documentary Film release form

Indemnity Form

Contestant Contract

Waiver and Release Form.

Good Luck!

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